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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Did It!!!

Stick a fork in it and lets call this turkey...DONE!
You may remember this canvas...it has just tortured me with its taunting...
So...I added some marks to it...because hey...what else could go wrong...right??
On Sunday, I spent the day painting woth my good friend Sharon
I had the greatest day ever!!!  We played for hours!!!!
And I kicked some canvas BUTT!!!
This was honestly the greatest feeling I have had in a while...kind of like a break through...or an "ah ha" kind of moment when things just clicked...and before I knew what was even happening...I completely let go!!!
That canvas that I was so afraid of before transformed into something that I actually liked!!!
So...I did some things I have NEVER done before...
I signed it...
I varnished it...
And had it framed!!!!
Greatest Day Ever!!!
Until next time,


alteredstatesstudio said...

you totally kicked butt!! i really like it! i love the words you put on it too!! great job!

Terri Corona said...

Good for you!!! That sounds like perfect art happiness!


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