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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some catching up...

Ok...so, Ophelia pulled her vanishing act again....sheesh. 
I just can't keep up it seems.I truly hope that your holidays were fantastic and all that you hoped they would be. It was great around here, but the time just went by too quickly, and tomorrow, sigh, we return to school.

Today I spent time in my studio, getting ready for a challenge that I started for the year.  Unfortunately, my technology is not playing nicely, and I couldn't scan these pages, so the trusty phone camera came to the rescue...and again I say, sheesh!
So, this is the calendar challenge by Kate...over at the Kathryn Wheel.  There is just something about this challenge that gets my creativity going...and well, lets hope I can keep up this year!!!

Time spent in my journal today.  This journal is so fat!!!  I started it at some point last year, and thankfully there are only two more pages in it.  I barely closes!!, but you know what...I love a big, fat, full journal!!
See....I just love it!!!
And, I thought....long and hard, I thought about my word for 2013...
I've come up with BELIEF.
More on that later.
Until next time,


Anonymous said...

I love your big fat journal too! and your word for the year is one that will take you far in your journey of spirit. happy new year to you!

Sara Jansen said...

I love everything about your calendar page. The man, the colors, the quotes....and who cares how often you post....your journal looks fabulous. It's about the doing more than anything!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your calendar page is awesome. I've never had a "REaL" journal, so appreciate yours. Such color and imagery. Happy New Year, too.


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