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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Its Birthday Time...

 This little fiesty Princess of ours turns 7 today.  Oh, how time simply flies by.  I can completely remember the day she was born and having to go through all of the battery of test to make sure that she was ready to be born...she was delivered 5 weeks early as a precaution.  Insert one tiny detail here...I was sick the entire time.  The final test was an amniocentesis (I think thats the right word) on the day before she was born.  UGH...double UGH.   I was assured that it would be simple...NOT....once it was over, we all waited - as my family was already here from out of town for her delivery.  We headed home and waited for a call from my doctor to make sure that the delivery was a go for the next day.   When she called, the news was not good...and as always I had options. 
Option 1 - Wait two weeks and do the proceedure again---, my immediate reaction to Option 1 was---NOT!
Option 2 - hold on...let me check with the team of doctors and I'll call you back.... Thanks Doc...that is perfect.
And so, at bright and early AM, we headed back to the hospital....I just love options, don't you!!! 

So, today, we shall celebrate with her friends at her favorite party place....I feel like I have been preparing for this for weeks - I honestly thought it would be simple to have her party somewhere else, which is why I booked it elsewhere, but there is still so much to prep for....and yes, there was art involved...
As party favors, we decided to tie dye shirts for all of her friends....all 25 of them...
So, we moved our art from the studio to the kitchen counter....oh, I wish you could see my hands...but, magic it was.  I haven't dyed fabric in years, and I sure miss the magic in the mystery that it brings.  This whole set up makes me want to head to the basement for the bins of dyes that I have....

So the shirts have been dyed and finished....and since I still have tons of work to be done around here, I'd better get going. 
Oh...and did I mention that I have 4 days left of school with my students....welp....3 and a half, but seriously, I'm not counting!!!!!
Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!
Until next time,


Lisa D. said...

Happy Birthday to that baby girl of yours! My 1st baby will be 23 this year! I assure you, time flies!

Have a great day Ophelia and thanks for always leaving me good words on my blog : )

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Have fun fun fun!!! Happy birthday to the big birthday girl! Wow! (we really are kindred spirits, Ophelia, and must talk more about this Being Sick the whole pregnancy...yes, ugh. Twice.) Have a tie dye blast today and do tell us all about it later!

Introverted Art said...

She is so precious. Enjoy this delicious moment with your little one. Have fun and I can see you are already using of all your creativity to make it for a very special day.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Ophelia,
Happy Birthday to your darling daughter!Hope she had a super fantastic fun filled day! Hope you took lots of photos to share with us. :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

bravo to you, brave mama
and your beautiful magic!
may the birthday sweetness
linger long
and all her days
be peace:)


Being a mother is a beautiful thing! Have a great day with your beautiful girl....and I'll go hug mine right now. I had to have a C-section and that was scary enough for me.

I've posted a couple pic's of what I've been up to lately...you must come by and peek. I'll put the coffee on for you!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Cathie said...

Kids parties are soooo stressful and exhausting. Remember when they were toddlers and you had to keep an eye on oh, say 20 two or three year olds - every moment!! She is a little beauty.
Take a look at Jerry's list of workshops from June to Sept. Tell me which ones you'd like to do and I'M IN! OH, by the way - I'm signing up for yours!

Melanie Statnick said...

LOL What a great day you all had, how fun! My son turned 7 in April. I do love this age, old enough but still not too old. I have tie dyed shirt too what fun!

winnsangels said...

She is beautiful. I love her hat and the idea of the t-shirts. You are a wonderful Mom!
Angel blessings to you and yours.


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