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Saturday, May 5, 2012

A New Kind of Wonderful!!

I found myself a new journal, and I have to say, I'm kinda in love.

Its a hardbound....and so far...I've added a few stickers just to begin.  I found these at Jerry's...and they come in a package 3 for $17!!!  The paper is awesome, because I really get them wet with watercolors and they hold up so very nicely!!

I have truly enjoyed working in this journal...well...this is only the first page...but so far, very good....Its by Daler-Rowney a Classic Sketchbook....and for the price, welp, I figured I couldn't go wrong...so as you might imagine...I went back and bought several more!!!  Lets just say, I'm pretty stocked on journals for a while!!

Back to my spiral bound...I've done a few backgrounds to prepare for a class I'm teaching...I think I have been playing to get out of packing for the class for a bit longer...I just have to do a better job at not trashing the place so much when I pack...

I have for some reason lately been on a washi tape binge....I just can't get enough of those little beauties.  They really add a lot of character to a page....or, at least thats what I tell myself when I find them!!!

I hope that you are all enjoying a great Saturday....the little girl and I skipped out on baseball today (for Shame!!) and had a mom/daughter day at her request...I'm in!!!  The girl of mine is already into shoes!!!  Really????

Have a great weekend everyone....I'd better get busy packing!!!
Until next time,


Mary said...

Ophelia I am loving these new pages of yours!

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Hi Ophelia! I feel your journal and washi tape excitement!!!
I wish I could attend your class. I have to check out these new journals of yours...but you know what happens when you tell me about something good that's new...uh oh. I think it's sweet that you and your daughter had a fun girls day together! I went shopping for an hour this afternoon, just to do something different and clear my head and to look for something girly for my Mom for Mother's Day. I looked at shoes, but didn't see anything as cute as these blue ones! Enjoy your Sunday, and thanks so much for your visits.

Bren said...

Oh nice journal and great art journal pages. Have fun with the workshop your teaching!

Kimberly Gruber said...

Hi Opelia! Wow, I really do love your new journal. You mentioned its a sketchbook? But you are watercoloring in it? I'm assuming the pages are pretty thick? Did you get them at Jerrys Artarama? I need some 'good priced ones.'
The pages look amazing also. Wish I could attend one of your classes.
By the way, I skipped out on baseball as well ;)

Penny A said...

Hey, girlie!

LOVE the new pages! I picked up a package of those journals recently, myself! Thanks for confirming their suitability to mixed media journaling -- I have been looking for something without wire binding to play in for a while :-)

Having recently enjoyed a mother/daughter outing with my own mom, I know how special the memories you two are building right now are - and WILL be ;-)

Always good to see you in Blog-Land! (((hugs!))

Elizabeth said...

I love those watercolor pages, Ophelia! And those journals sound great! I may have to go for them when I make a mixed-media sketchbook purchase. Right now I just lay gesso over book pages before painting. :) Like others, I really wish I could take one of your classes - have you thought about doing an online class at any point?

Anne said...

Hi, Ophelia! Just recommended you to a friend who is interested in art journaling classes! Told her about your Aug. 25th class at Jerry's! ♥


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