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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Monday Morning Pep Talk

Good Monday Morning Everyone,
We are expecting a wee bit of snow this morning, and our schools are on a two hour delay, so, you know what I've been doing with my extra time---sleep in, NOT!!
I didn't realize until I scanned this, that you can barely read what I have written...I'll go back and work on that!
Anywho, I find, that I am so very often my own worst enemy. Stinkin' thinkin' over everything. So much so, that I never take chances on anything. I honestly thought that I would have "gotten over myself" on this one a long time ago, but, it creeps back in with every new opportunity that presents itself....
I really have to learn to just put my blinders on and just go. Know what I mean????
Well, I hope that you all enjoy your day.... I am off to make the most of every moment!!!
Until next time,


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Good morning, Ophelia!! I am so glad I stopped to check Blogger before running out the door! We have an inch of snow, but school's on time...rats! Good for you! Enjoy your morning time, and have a wonderful day today! You go!

Elizabeth said...

Great message and fun page!

Bren said...

It's a great spread, and also a great tool in letting go of that stinking thinking :-)

Mary said...

Ophelia i absolutely love the colors and design of this page.

your lettering in the middle would look great in bold black against that wonderful vibrant background!!

we all need to get rid of our stinkin thinkin!!


Cindy Lane said...

Love that term, "Stinkin Thinkin"! Definately too much of it about in artist's studios!

Love your piece - great text!


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